Oily Wrench

After countless of hours designing, we finally came up with the perfect bracelet for all the engineers. Is engineering your passion or do you feel strongly connected to technical stuff? Do you spend countless hours constructing and creating things with your hands, or on the computer? You’ll absolutely love the of jewelry for you!

This crisp black coloured ring, The Oily Wrench from the Crafty Industrialists Collection, in the shape of wrench adds a whole new dimension to your outfit! This is the perfect charm to wear for everyone that loves engineering!

This product is a LIMITED Edition, until the stocks last

Product information

  • sizing from 8-15
  • silver color
  • stainless steel

Worldwide Shipping

Only a limited amount available.

United States & Canada UK, Europe & Australia Circumference(mm)
4 H 46.8
5 0.5J 49.3
6 0.5L 51.9
7 0.5N 54.4
8 0.5P 57
9 0.5R 59.5
10 0.5T 62.1
11 0.5V 64.6
12 0.4X 67.2

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